Solitaire Classic

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Everyone can enjoy the incredibly addicting Klondike card game of Solitaire Classic. The most popular and enjoyable single-player card game of all time, Solitaire Iconic is the ideal card game for any fan of the classic retro computer game. Solitaire is a straightforward yet addictive game. The objective is to place all of the current cards onto the four foundation piles. However, getting there is not so easy. All cards must be attached to the bottom piles in decreasing order and using alternate colours. If required, pull cards from the pile in the upper right. You can also change the complexity by always revealing three cards at once as opposed to only one.The Aces of each hue, which count as 1, must be placed first in the upper left corner. The foundation piles are built atop these. In this case, you must stack all cards starting with the Aces in ascending sequence from Ace to King, all of the same colour. You have succeeded in beating the game if all four foundation heaps are finished.

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