Life – The Game

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Real life is always different from the virtual world, yet you still need to find solutions to difficulties in both worlds. If you've completed all of your tasks in life or are simply tired, you can unwind by spending a little time playing the new game Life: The Game, in which you can try everything that we encounter every day, except that everything will now be virtual. Many people prefer to solve virtual problems in order to escape from the real world, but this behaviour will not lead to anything positive. You will encounter a small family who resides in a charming but modestly sized village there.If you still have the courage, you can join the family and assist them as they are all busy working on something. After completing this mission, you will be taken to a young man's home where he is attempting to write a lovely tune. The game begins in the hospital where a young girl is giving birth to a baby. The subsequent phase will involve completing homework assignments and other simple math tasks.

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